Thursday, 26 May 2011

Really Capcom?

Really Capcom? Reallllllllly?

I used to like Capcom because they made good games. And that was it. That's all it took for me to like a video game company. It's the same reason I liked Bullfrog, way back when. But times have changed. Or rather, the internet has landed.

Politics plays a much bigger role in my loyalty to a company. I use for computer component purchases because their returns policy is incredible. I buy Corsair branded anything because their behaviour as a company shows they put their customers first. And I'm seriously considering not buying Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition because of the DRM Capcom has decided to add to it.

I stopped buying Ubisoft games when they started with their nonsense, and now I'm faced with Capcom trying something similar. I guess the issue stems from wanting to profit from their work, and I don't begrudge them that. Hell, I know several struggling indie folks in various industries (including games) and they all have the same fear. But is DRM the answer?

I can see why you'd think there's no other option. You have to have someway of stopping illegimate copies from running. But hobbling legitimate players can't be the best solution to this problem. It's just the only one Capcom has thought up. There are some nice parts to it; with the not being thrown off as soon as you lose your connection. But compared to actually being able to play a game you bought without having to deal with that? We in trouble baby.

I mean, when it comes to things like this; punish the pirates and the hackers, not the legitimate players of the game. And I was a big proponent of getting Capcom games on the PC. I wrote letters to Capcom asking about SSF4 on the PC, about RE5 DLC, and was gleeful when I read a blog post about how Capcom is taking PC gaming more seriously. Unfortunately, more seriously seems to mean something different at Capcom HQ than it does for customers.

Still... I want to play SSF4:AE. I want to get good at it. I want to kick my friend's asses with it. And mostly, I want to encourage Capcom to keep putting games out on the PC. I suppose the best outcome, from a consumer perspective is for it to have great sales and for it to be pirated ravenously. Here's hoping I guess?

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